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Compression Springs

Compression Springs

Compression Springs are open coiled, helical springs which offer resistance to comprehensive loads.

Compression springs have a wide variety of applications, and may be made from different shapes of wire dependent on your application.

Penn-Elkco can produce compression springs at a variety of solid diameters and free lengths. Several different end types are available, including open/closed ends, open/closed ground and closed ground/squared.

Various body shapes for Compression Springs

  • Straight body
  • Conical body
  • Tapered body
  • Hourglass body

Pitch options for Compression Springs

  • Continuous pitch
  • Variable pitch

Coil ends for Compression Springs

We have facilities to engineer and fabricate compression springs in straight, tapered or cone-shaped sections to fill your needs.


Emergency Replacement Springs We can react immediately to custom fabricate that critical broken spring to get your equipment back up and running. Contact us first.

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