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Southern Spring & Manufacturing Company

NEW! Penn Elkco Spring Co. is proud to announce they have recently acquired Southern Spring & Manufacturing Company, Inc. out of Nashville, Tennessee. The acquisition took place August 13th, 2009. The companies plan to merge under the name of Penn Elkco Spring Co. Together, they will continue to provide unsurpassed Customer Sales and Service to all the industries to which they serve. Please feel free to contact us: telephone: 1-800-854-4658 or e-mail: sales@pespring.com We look forward to serving you and your Spring Manufacturing needs.

Southern Spring and Manufacturing Company produces compression, extension, and torsion springs "S" hooks, paint hooks, wire forms and springs made from flat spring steel.

Compression Springs

A compression spring is an open coil helical that offers resistance when compressed. They can have ends, closed not ground, closed and ground, open not ground, open and ground.

Extension Springs

Extension springs store energy by resistance to pulling force. Various types of end are used to attach extension spring to machine, machine loops, crossover loops, side loop, swivel hooks, extended loops, and special ends as required.

Torsion Springs

The ends of a torsion spring are rotated in angular deflection, and offer resistance to externally applied torque. They are usually design for the application requirements. The load on a torsion spring should be applied the same direction as the spring is wound, this will make the spring get smaller in inside diameter, for this reason we design the inside diameter of the spring larger than the arbor they work over.

Double torsions spring have one side wound right hand, one side wound left hand.

Single torsions spring, will need to know the direction, right or left hand wound.

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We also manufacture wire forms, "S" hooks, paint hooks, flat stock springs and gripper springs.